San Francisco, CA

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I am a user experience designer based in San Francisco.


The best part of my job is solving challenges and creating delightful experiences for people.


My passion to enrich people's lives in a meaningful way drives me towards a human-centered design approach. I aspire to explore new experiences with everyday technologies while thinking about what tomorrow brings.


My aim is to remove friction between the digital and physical world, generating buy-in and early adoption via emotional connections. I'm always thinking about how things work and how they can be done better. I love imagining solutions that technology can offer people in their everyday life. 


I am adept at design thinking, synthesizing,  communication,  strategizing, rapid prototyping, sketching, quality assurance, Lean/Agile/Scrum. When creating a holistic customer experience, I organize, clarify, and give form to conversations in a way that adds context & power. This is done by asking the right questions, research, and empathizing with my clients and users. 

This is me drawing a site map on the whiteboard.



Shortly after I moved to San Francisco, I became obsessed with design. So I began designing and building furniture in my garage. I created multiple pieces for restaurants and night clubs in SF.  In order to learn how to learn how to CAD, I began working for an architect in South Park. From there, I went to work at Pottery Barn as a product designer for Furniture & Lighting Design. 


As a product designer for a national brand I learned a lot about brand identity, positioning, lifestyle, balancing user & client needs, communication, and emotional Intelligence.


Now I design experiences to help people make a similar emotional connection with technology as they have with furniture and lighting in their homes.

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