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Business to Business Rewards Sharing


Interaction Designer



Promotion and Discount App.


Participatory Design

I was helping a developer for a hackathon


User Interviews

Card sorting

Iterative design

Rapid prototyping

Peer reviews

Stakeholder reviews

Information Architecture

Created an interactive dashboard

Production Wireframes


Develop a B2B app that could

Solves a common problem for small businesses. 


This was the 1st hackathon I participated in (2015).

I included this because it's a good example of user-focused, business minded, design thinking is done in a super fast sprint.

I created a rewards apps concept for small businesses in the event space particularly wedding planners. Event organizers can bundle and share discounts from their vendors, that can be passed on with their clients as a discount package.


Vendors can quickly reward their loyal partners with promotional discounts that can be redeemed for their next event.

Typical users could be Event Planners, Caters, Florists, Photographers, Bands, DJs ...

A caterer, for example

receives discounts from their liquor vendor in their customized feed

The caterer selects a 20% discount from their liquor vendor

After creating a profile, the menu is revealed

The details about the discount scroll up


To redeem the discount, the vendor scans a QR code when an order is placed. This allows coupon usage metrics to be tracked.

The caterer can bundle multiple discounts from other vendors in the project collections.


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