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UX product design intern

Product strategy

Interaction design 

Visual design



Pop prototype tool


White Board


Gorilla user interviews &

I tested the app at malls

in exchange for girft cards.


Voting on photos

Click-through tags

In-app shopping

Link to infomation

Target User 

Young bloggers


Voting on photos

Click-through tags

In-app shopping



My 1st UX project.

I probably shouldn't show such early work (2014) but I feel it shows my creativity early on even before I had any UX training and right before apps like Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, Tindr, filled the social sharing space.


I worked directly with the founder and the engineer to design an MVP that could be used to raise money for further development and testing.

The app did make it to the Apple app store, though it's no longer available.


A photo-sharing app for a fashion blogger

ModSpot was a fun fashion app that allows users to take and upload a pair of photos of outfits, tag where they bought it, and have friends and fashion lovers vote on their favorite look! 

The innovation I brought to this app was to add clickable tags that could be linked back to the actual product. If a purchase was made after clicking the tag a conversion could be counted and bloggers could generate revenue by driving traffic to product pages.

Get Help Choosing Your Next Look

Upload a two-panel full body photo with two different outfits, and have your friends and trusted fashion lovers help you decide what your next outfit should be with realtime and unbiased opinions!

A faster way to select photos


Get to your most recent photos quicker from a preview carousel gallery on the bottom instead of having to go back and forth to photo library. This solution was novel at the time (2015)

This app was available on Apple's App Store

Vote On the Hottest Looks:

Vote on your favorite fashions, outfits, and accessories! Find Inspiration:Search and browse different tags, brands, stores, looks, and more to see what’s trending. Find inspiration for your next outfit or shopping trip!

Tag Your Looks:

Never again will bloggers have to answer the question, “Where did you get that?”

Plus if conversions are made bloggers

Viewers vote photos to compare from a preview carousel gallery on the bottom

Early user flow left to right & down

Early design annotations for the Dev

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