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Distributed Data Grid

Set up and monitor distributed database grid with 3 copyset redundency

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Set up and monitor distributed database

Tibco wanted to update their legacy peer-to-peer distributed in-memory data grid. This is a type of virtual shared memory that is replicated on devices and applications distributed across locations. ...


This makes it easy to create applications that can exchange and modify data that is shared across a wide network. The system is able to scale for mixed workloads and can handle the processing of the largest data volumes. It has a full system of record capabilities.

I was the lead designer from the initial concept to completion.  My role was to simplify and bring insight into the health of the system. Help users to get up and running faster and with fewer errors.

Through user interviews and workshops, I found that Data architects need to be able to quickly understand discover node issues, and react in real-time.


The goal of this application is to help data architects to drill into their data, identify long-running queries or other issues and take the best action.



Simplifying real-time data access

Instead of costly and time-consuming work (server reconfiguration, network and database tuning, architecture redesign), just get on with the important business of transforming to digital business capabilities. It's a far faster, more straightforward, more future-proof digital business solution. 

TIBCO connector for ActiveSpaces integrates with TIBCO Cloud Integration and can be installed separately. You can use this connector to utilize all the benefits of TIBCO ActiveSpaces without any coding.

Abstract Futuristic Background



Customize your data grid. 

ActiveSpaces technology handles large data volumes.


Out-of-the-box grid replication delivers globally deployed data access and

complete data protection in disastrous situations. 


Select number of copy-sets, nodes, Statekeepers, and proxies



Modify data grid.


Add capacity on the fly with admin control over data redistribution.

Dynamically add nodes without a system restart and no service downtime.  

Select number of copysets, nodes, Statekeepers, and proxies

Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 1.16.28 AM.png

Delight customers and make better decisions 

Tables are persisted in parallel on a local elastic (expandable) clusters.

Data is distributed across the grid for large systems using familiar

database column, row, table concepts.

Data is cached in process memory for fast access and can be queried using a subset of the SQL language.


It's the kind of performance you need to delight customers and beat the other guys.

Setup SQL tables on your grid

Screen Shot 2019-09-14 at 7.54.45 PM.png



Easily scale as your business grows

Since persistence is distributed, it's often possible to remove costly databases and associated failure points from legacy implementations. You're left with a highly scalable, high-availability powerhouse that is a fraction of the cost of other implementations.


Monitor Nodes and copysets coming online

Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 1.15.49 AM.png



ACID-compliant Data Grid 

Contextually reference operational data stored in (ram) memory for lightning-fast performance. Any data store anywhere can now be included in real-time processing and decision-making.


Full synchronous replication (duplicates) across multiple nodes (CPUs) provides fault tolerance (data back-up). Distributed persistence ensures durability.


Monitor Nodes and copysets in real time

Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 1.16.03 AM.png


View all Node details

Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 1.18.36 AM.png



Fully Cloud Deployable

Flexible deployment options: on-premises physical or virtual machines to public or private cloud with full support for RedHat Openshift, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, Azure Kubernetes Service, or Google Kubernetes engines.


Monitor in list view for more details

Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 1.16.12 AM.png



View all Node details in list view

Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 1.17.31 AM.png




Provides real-time "push" events over the network to servers and client applications for changes to the data

Queries can be accelerated through flexible indexing capabilities including secondary indexes.

Monitor Long running queries and stop if they are hung up





You can also off-load heavy queries from high-speed updates, and safely use a full production dataset for QA or performance testing.


Monitor the network


View KPI  metrics of your data grid


Customize Dashboard with spotfire


View server activity 


Get details query status


Experiment and innovate simply, easily

Available as a Community Edition offering free development, test, and limited production use, ActiveSpaces technology gives you the chance to experiment and innovate without having to make upfront investments.

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